Purification and Water
Conditioning Systems

We design sustainable systems that produce clean water and conditioned water that provide the precise analysis values you need in your processes and provide turnkey installation. We are just a phone call away for long-lasting, problem-free facilities.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Depending on the source, we design your single or double pass device with the conductivity required in your process, using well water, mains water and sea water. We manufacture fully automatic systems with products of the industry's leading equipment brands. We include it in the existing automation system or build systems with its own automation from scratch.

Mineral Systems

We design automatic backwash systems for FRP or metal tanks according to the effluent parameters you require. We establish automatically controlled mineral systems with 5 or 7 valves, surface piping and PLC controlled or microprocessor-controlled filter valve, using minerals such as Quartz, Activated Carbon, Anthracite, Anionic and cationic resins, Mixed bed, AsFeMn, Birm dolomite…etc. We are at your service with our professional technical service for the maintenance and mineral replacement of existing systems.

Water Conditioning

We manufacture automatic dosing systems that provide the fluid conditioning required by the relevant process. We include it in the existing automation system or build systems with its own automation from scratch. We are at your service for your needs such as automatic chlorine dosing systems, Ph balancing, steam washing, circulation systems, etc.

Package wastewater treatment plants

Package Wastewater Treatment Units are self-automated systems that have become advantageous with the development of technology in the treatment of wastewater, where aeration and sedimentation are carried out in the same reactor, where preliminary sedimentation, relevant dosing and sludge removal sections are together in a compact manner, which we manufacture with our expert partners.

Recovery Systems

Recovery systems are a method of obtaining water that has become indispensable for the industry day by day and generally pays for itself in a short time. We analyze the wastewater collected in your facilities, provide consultancy on the extent to which it can be purified and in which parts it can be reused, and we manufacture it with our partners who are experts in the field.