HEFER Online Hardness Measurement

The WHA-3000 Online Hardness Analyzer is an online analyzer designed to measure water hardness levels (in ppm) in purification and water treatment applications (Softeners, R.O., etc.). It can be used to automatically control the regeneration of devices, especially those with timer and volumetric control. With the sensor attached to the soft water outlet, regeneration can be started independent of time and flow when the outlet water reaches a certain hardness. Ideal for both savings and guaranteed operation.
The read value can be sent via the isolated 4-20 mA output and 3 SPDT relays give a dry contact signal. 3-way valve provides both soft water and hard water for easy calibration. Simple single point calibration can be done in advance in the field and takes no more than 2 minutes. The analyser has an IP-65 protection class.

The analyzer in question can also be used in automatic hardness level regulation. With the 4-20mA signal received from this device, a proportional valve to be placed in the raw water line is controlled and the required hardness level is reached. Thus, both chemical and salt usage is reduced, and the amount of washing water thrown into the drain is reduced.

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