About Us

Gem Proses Engineering Trading Ltd. is a young company founded in 2022. Our founder, Ayhan Uysal has worked in various companies in the sector for 17 years, first as a on-site director and as an purchaser in the water purification sector and then as a leader in the department of processing equipment in multiple French and German companies. The company has set out by planning to provide boutique services to companies operating in the Turkish industry.

The goal of the company is to create solutions to problems of customers and to work for the supplying of high-quality processing and purification equipment for industrial companies, especially those in the field of mining, iron-steel, paper and chemistry.

We carry out work in the field of valve repairing to help our customers be fully self-sufficient by giving out our experience regarding the sustainability of expensive but necessary valves or equipment that takes a long time to be shipped.

We also pay full attention to educational efforts to make sure newly graduated engineers become fully capable adults that take responsibility, approach problems analytically and do customer and field visits more often.

Gem Proses Mühendislik Ticaret Limited Şirketi

In our logo; the green represents our environmentally friendly practices, the gem represents the respect we have regarding your work and the globe represents our ambition to become a worldwide company.
17+ Years of Experience
We provide solutions only.

100% Customer Satisfaction
We don't leave until the problem we have advised for is resolved.
Quality Comes First
We design long lasting processes.

Sectoral Familiarity
We make our name known in the industry with the work we do.

  • Gem ProsesOur Mission

    In a region where our customers have problems and apply to us for a solution or in a new process to be established, we design systems that meet all the qualitative conditions of the need policy, supply them with the products of the brands in our portfolio, deliver them on time and after delivery, we follow the system we use in our field or follow our system to provide long-term service to our customers. The solution includes friendly relations.
  • Gem ProsesOur Vision

    Our aim is to become an international system and equipment supplier in the short term, with the strength we receive from our customers as solution partners, and to take our place among the large companies that are beneficial to our country with the added value offered by our designs and applications.