Knife Gate Valve Repair
and Maintenance

Knife gate valves are generally used extensively in processes involving solid particles and are the valves where deformation problems are most common. After the valve arrives at our workshop, we thoroughly wash it with pressurized water and then disassemble it into individual parts. If there are cracks and worn sections inside the body, we fill them with welding. We identify deformations on the blade, and if they are repairable, we fix them; otherwise, we completely reconstruct the blade using stainless steel of the appropriate quality.
We manufacture the gaskets in the body using the relevant rubber material. For the upper seal, we completely replace the gland packing. If it is actuated, we fully open and perform maintenance on the cylinder; if manual, we conduct maintenance on the wheel and gear components. After sandblasting and applying primer and final coating, we conduct a pressure test in accordance with the standards. Finally, we package the product and deliver it to our valued customers.